Useful Links and Information

Invasive Plant Species of Virginia

The USDA National Invasive Species Information Center sponsored by U>S> Department of Agriculture.  Very versatile website for research.  The link is specific to Virginia.  The second link is for reporting a sighting. 

The Socrates Project: Poisonous Plants of Virginia

The Socrates Project: Poisonous Plants in Virginia – Blue Ridge Poison Center

The second edition of the Socrates project is a joint effort between the University of Virginia and the Virginia Master Naturalist Program.  You can obtain your own free brochure regarding Virginia poisonous plants.  It is very detailed with pictures so you are able to identify the plant.  And, if the need arises you should call the Blue Ridge Poison Center for immediate help: 1-800-451-1428

1-800-222-1222 (National Poison Control Center)

US Department of Agriculture

This organization surely does not need an explanation.  As Master Gardeners we are directly related to the USDA.  The information on this site is timely and thorough.  There are 19 different topics for you to investigate as well as a glossary of acronyms and recall information.   USDA

Flower Bulbs

All sorts of information on this site.  Videos are available, news, and what bulbs to plant together for different types of gardens.

Internet Directory for Botany

The Internet Directory for Botany is an index to botanical information available on the Internet, compiled by Anthony R. Brach [brach (at)]

National Gardening Association Plant Finder

The Holy Grail of information on plants!  For instance, if you want to plant dahlias, this site will tell you how to plant them, where to plant them, and how to care for them.  They even have an image library so you can order them somewhere!

Gardening by the Moon

Learn  when and what to plant by the phases of the moon.

Boxwood Blight

For information on avoiding, managing, and sampling for boxwood blight, visit the Virginia Boxwood Blight Task Force website at:

Virginia Tech Publications

There are quite a number of publications available on a range of topics including the Pest Management Guide.  They are all in printable format.

Weed Identification by Virginia Tech

Everyone has weeds.  Find out what you have!

Virginia Cooperative Extension YouTube

There are loads of videos available  on every subject you can imagine.  Subscribe while you are there and you should get notices of new, updated videos being released or suggestions for to view.

Virginia Master Naturalists (VMN)

Learn about the Master Naturalist program, what they do, and how you can help.  Volunteers provide education, outreach, and service to benefit the natural resources of their communities.

Local chapter:         National:

Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP)

Learn about LEAP and what they do:

Kentucky Pest News

More great information about all sorts of pests.  They post articles regularly on current insect or plant disease problems as well as weeds.,

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