Books and Videos

Rachel Carson: Author, American marine biologist, and conservationist. 

Rachael Carson is the author of the infamous book, Silent Spring.  The book written in 1962 was credited for kicking off the global environmental movement.  A must read for enthusiasts.  Available online. 

Bevin Cohen: author, poet, herbalist, gardener, seed saver and educator. 

Bevin Cohen has written three books so far: The Artisan Herbalist; Saving Our Seeds: The Practice & Philosophy, and From Our Seeds and Their Keepers: A Collection of Stories.

He also has a few YouTube videos available. Check this one out!   Making Herbal Teas, Tinctures, and Salves.

Douglas Tallamy:  Author, speaker, entomologist, and Professor in the Department of entomology and wildlife ecology at University of Delaware. 

Douglas Tallamy has written several books all available online.  His overarching argument is against invasive and non-native plants and trees.  Excellent reads.

The Nature of Oaks, Nature’s Best Hope, The Living Landscape, The New American Landscape, Bringing Nature Home, and Phytochemical Induction by Herbivores.

Craig LeHoullier: Author, gardener, and educator 

Craig LeHoullier authored “Epic Tomatoes: How to Select and Grow the Best Varieties of All Time.”  Growing a Greener World states, “For anyone who loves growing heirloom tomatoes and the stories behind them, this is a must read book for sure and a great addition to your own or anyone’s library for that matter.”

He also has a website for more information: 

Barbara Leach presents a series "At Home in the Garden

Our inimitable Barbara Leach has been posting various YouTube educational videos.  Subscribe so that you get notified when she posts another one!

Peter Wohlleben:  Forester for twenty years, runs an environmental woodland in Germany, and author. 

Amazing book about “The Hidden Life of TREES.” You will not be able to put it down.  He has several other books as well:  The Heartbeat of Trees, The Secret Wisdom of Nature, and The Inner Life of Animals.  All equally fabulous reads. 

Pam Dowling

Author of Sustainable Market Farming: Intensive Vegetable Production on a Few Acres, published in 2013, is widely used. Her second book The Year-Round Hoophouse will be published by New Society in November 2018. Pam is a contributing editor with Growing for Market and also writes for other magazines.  She also has free slideshow presentations on   In addition, she has a weekly Blog on her website,, and Facebook.

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