Master Gardener Training

Each year we train a new group of horticultural enthusiasts to join us in providing our local community with horticultural education and consultation. Training consists of 50 hours of learning through remote study and hands-on laboratory workshops on a broad range of topics including soil health, propagation, pest management, botany, and more. After training you become a Master Gardener Intern, where you have one year to complete an additional 50 hours of internship training before graduating to become a Master Gardener Volunteer. After graduating you are required to achieve 20 hours of volunteer time and 8 hours of continuing education per year to maintain your certification as a Master Gardener. 

Volunteer hours are completed through numerous opportunities including speaking events, public outreach events, horticulture therapy, youth programs, help desk, volunteering at the VWCC arboretum, marketing and communications, and much more. No matter your background there's an opportunity for you to combine your skills, talents, and passion for gardening. Learn more about the Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener program here.

The application period has Closed Sign up on the Waitlist (below) for the 2025 class.  

VCE Master Gardener trainees learning at the vegetable gardening lab.
VCE Master Gardener Trainees learning at the water quality lab.

Master Gardeners voluntering at the  Help Desk

2025 Master Gardener Program Waitlist

For those of you who are not able to apply to the 2024 class you could sign up for the following year.

Click the link below to access the Waitlist.

2025 Waitlist

Download the Master Gardener Manual here for free.